About Us

Ink and Needles Tattoo is located in the center of Rhodes City.

Open from dusk till dawn, our artists willbring your vision to life in striking detail and amazing accuracy.
Our studio provides a wide range of tattoo styles and variations through our four basic in house among with our guest artists, with eachs personal denstiction. In over ten years of operation, we have participated in many international tattoo conventions achieving several wins in Greece and Europe.

Our Story

Ink & Needles Tattoo Studio was one of the first walk in tattoo studios in Rhodes. We opened our doors in 2014 and since then we had hundreds of satisfied customers and our work is considered to be among the finest in the Greek Tattoo Scene.

Our artists specialize in all the modern and classic tattoo techniques. From old school to 3d and portraits. There is nothing our studio can't deliver.

Other than leaving our customers with a smile and a geat tattoo, our top priority is providing the the highest hygiene standards, tattooing in a perfectly clean and sterillized area following all the best hygiene and sterillizing practices.

Ink & Needles
Tattoo-Studio Rodos

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